Message From The Director:



I am very pleased to be able to contribute to the development of Kathmandu University High School. The early years of KUHS provided a foundation on the principles of creativity and invention, so that the school could provide examples from good classroom practice, and give a welcome breath of fresh air beyond textbook learning. This impulse continues today.
The students in KUHS should have the opportunity to develop communications skills to a high standard in Nepali and English. They have an active Science programme that also prepares them for the practical skills of investigation needed in the A level programme and in university. They are fully occupied in extra curricular activities, and in field trips and visits outside the Kathmandu valley, as well as exchange activities with other similar schools nearby.
Major drama productions bring together skills of acting, recitation and dance, and build confidence. It is part of the credo of KUHS, that the Arts should be encouraged at all ages. As the school has a majority of boarders, the activities programme offers a chance for students to test themselves in new skills, and to keep active.
Education in Nepal is starting a process of reform. Students in Nepal face many challenges. However, they have also developed great persistence, patience, enthusiasm and determination. There is an almost universal respect for education and for the need to build your own character and the nation through personal effort. It is our belief in KUHS, that students can be nurtured through our programmes. Let us work together to unleash their creativity and to develop the quality of being a lifelong learner.